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Hey Guys!

We are DS weddings, (aka Diana and Samantha aka your new best friends). We know your day can get a little hectic and stressful but don’t worry we got your back! Ladies, we’re the type to fix your hair and make sure you look great for every shot, we pay attention to the little details. Guys, we bring the jokes, so make sure you’re ready to laugh with us!

It’s important to us that you actually enjoy your day and don’t let it slip by you. We are more than your photographers for your wedding, we become your assistants, your confidants, therapists and new family members. Our comforting and friendly personalities will be a great addition to your wedding party.

We both have 7+ years in the industry and many weddings under our belt! If you’re ready to talk wedding talk with us, fill out the form and we will get back to you!

Let’s talk about your big day!

What's your love story? How did you guys meet? Who slid in who's DMs first? Lol

When you picture your wedding what do you see? Do you dream of a nature boho wedding, classy indoor ceremony with roses or a downtown city vibe? This is a safe zone, pour all your ideas here!

“Where do I even start!? When I first met with Samantha and Diana to talk wedding photos, I knew they would be perfect for us! Both are so genuine and made taking photos so much fun for my husband Stacy and I. It was a HOT day and Stacy was having a rough time but it’s all because of Samantha and Diana that we made it through the hardest part!

Samantha and Diana - we are so incredibly thankful for you two and the friendship we’ve created.”