Client Editing List

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Names are listed in order, top being the session currently in progress. The turn around time for edited galleries are about 20 business days from the day of your session and 10 weeks for weddings. This does not include holidays or weekends. If you no longer see your name on this list, please check your email or message me to assure I have the correct email. Thank you!


You are now able to select "Expedite Photos" for a same week return under "add ons" when booking your session at an additional fee!

Editing days Tuesday-Friday

Shoot days are typically Saturday + Sunday

PHoto SessionS

  • Khadro Mohamed
  • Jada Hemsworth


  • Jaylin Bach-Yeboah
  • Erin O'laughlin
  • Sydney Randle x 10
  • Viviana Flores
  • Emily Velasquez
  • Angelina Nguyen
  • Kaila Nguyen
  • Alexandra Young
  • Shanelle Ann
  • Ellie Stone
  • Ariana Lopez
  • Catalina Xiong
  • Patience Smith
  • Amanda Gagner
  • Angel Khang
  • Sarah Silva
  • Brittany Ross
  • Janhelli Espinoza
  • Sinloria Macrae
  • Hailey Bue
  • Madeleine Arenas
  • Dena Saycocie
  • Jennifer Perez
  • Khamilla Vang

  • Ilhan Abshir



Thank you for your patience!